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How Can I Contact the CVSA for More Information About Operator License Audits?

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and compliance of commercial motor vehicles and their operators. As part of its mission, the CVSA conducts operator license audits to assess the qualifications and adherence to safety regulations by drivers of commercial vehicles.

How Can I Contact The CVSA For More Information About Operator License Audits?

If you have questions, concerns, or need additional information regarding operator license audits, contacting the CVSA is essential. This article provides comprehensive guidance on how to reach the CVSA for more information about operator license audits.

I. Contact Information

CVSA Headquarters Contact Details:

  • Address: 12450 Gateway Dr., Suite 201, Clifton, VA 20124
  • Phone Number: (703) 838-8863
  • Email Address: [email protected]

Regional CVSA Contacts:

The CVSA has regional offices across the United States and Canada. You can contact the regional office in your area for specific inquiries.

  • Region 1 (Northeast): 603-228-1700
  • Region 2 (Mid-Atlantic): 717-564-1010
  • Region 3 (Southeast): 404-669-3990
  • Region 4 (Midwest): 614-898-4044
  • Region 5 (Central): 913-354-4961
  • Region 6 (Southwest): 505-842-9000
  • Region 7 (Western): 303-239-4000
  • Region 8 (Canada): 613-226-4162

II. Online Resources

CVSA Website:

The CVSA website is a valuable resource for information on operator license audits and other related topics.

Operator License Audit Resources:

Can Operator Vehicle

The CVSA website provides dedicated pages and sections with detailed information on operator license audits.

III. Social Media Platforms

CVSA Social Media Presence:

The CVSA actively engages with stakeholders on social media platforms, providing updates and information on operator license audits and other safety initiatives.

Engaging With CVSA On Social Media:

  • Follow the CVSA on social media to stay informed about the latest news and developments related to operator license audits.
  • Interact with the CVSA by asking questions, sharing comments, and engaging in discussions on social media posts.

IV. Additional Contact Options

Attending CVSA Events:

The CVSA organizes conferences, workshops, and other events throughout the year. These events provide opportunities to interact with CVSA representatives and learn more about operator license audits.

  • CVSA Annual Conference: The CVSA's flagship event, held annually, brings together industry stakeholders to discuss safety issues and share best practices.
  • Regional Workshops: The CVSA conducts regional workshops focused on specific safety topics, including operator license audits.

Contacting CVSA Staff Directly:

You can contact specific CVSA staff members directly for inquiries related to operator license audits.

  • OLA Program Manager: 703-838-8863
  • OLA Regional Coordinators: Contact information available on the CVSA website

V. Conclusion

The CVSA provides various channels for contacting its representatives and obtaining information about operator license audits. Whether through phone calls, emails, online resources, social media, or attending events, you can reach out to the CVSA to address your queries and gain insights into the operator license audit process.

By utilizing the contact information and resources provided in this article, you can effectively engage with the CVSA and stay informed about operator license audits and other safety-related matters.

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